Grant Aerona 3 Heat Pumps have established themselves as one of the Leading Suppliers of Heat Pumps in the UK, at Shelford Heating this has been our Preferred Heat Pump of Choice.

With a high number of Units Installed across Cambridgeshire, Bedforshire, Hertfordshire and Essex – and also several added to our Service and Maintenance Schedules for new Clients. We have always found the Support and Aftersales Service provided by Grant UK to be one of the best for dealing with any concerns or issues which thankfully are minimal, but nethertheless important to Householders to know that they will be supported.

We have been Installing Grant Products since the late 1990, and our First Grant Aerona 3 was installed in 2018  – we value above everything else the Quality of their Products.

The Aerona 3 

  • Four single phase outputs available – 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW, Delivering Heat Output from 5KW to 15KW which caters for small homes to large 4/5 Bedroom Properties.
  • Shelford Heating as G1 Installers can offer 7 years guarantees on all Heat Pumps
  • The range is MCS certified and all the heat pumps are eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme – £7500 Governemnt Funding
  • All Aerona 3 units are below the permitted 0.6m3 maximum sizes for Planning Permission Requirements. 
  • Each model has high SCOP values, denoting their excellent efficiencies, and uses R32 refrigerant which has a significantly lower Global Warming Potential compared to traditional refrigerants
  • Monobloc in design, the Aerona³ R32 is suitable for use with S-Plan heating control systems and is simple to work with for installation and maintenance – learn more about heat pump servicing with this video tutorial
  • The Aerona³ R32 models are compact in size and quiet in operation (Quiet Mark awarded to 13kW and 17kW models), minimising the impact on their surrounds both aesthetically and acoustically, something which is of great benefit to end-users
  • Each unit is DC inverter driven and has in-built weather compensation and base tray heating element. Furthermore, with its integrated HE pump through to the simplified electrics, the Aerona³ has been designed to save installers time when onsite fitting the heat pump, reducing the installation time for engineers
  • The 6kW, 10kW and 13kW models are Connect & Notify approved which means they can be installed and connected to the Grid without prior approval from the DNO – this can simplify and speed up the installation process (the DNO must be notified after commissioning)
  • When installed with the Aerona Remote Controller, Aerona³ R32 heat pumps are suitable for installation with Homely Heat Pump Optimisation Controls

The Grant Aerona 3 Range

Aerona Smart Controller

Easy to install, the Aerona Smart Controller is a weather compensated controller for Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps, incorporating heating curve configuration and advanced monitoring software to help with maximising the heat pump’s efficiency. Installers can easily set, view and adjust the time schedules for the heating circuits, domestic hot water and the heat pump’s on/off schedule using the Aerona Smart Controller. The controller also provides access to an in-built system configurator, supporting the set-up and commissioning of an Aerona³ heat pump and the system circuits.

The Following Videos provide useful insight into the Controls

The New Smart Controller – Released 2024

The Set Up 


Controlling the System