To Install Heat Pumps in the UK, Accreditation is required with a number of Organisations – We have all the required elements.
Heat Pumps Installed in Cambridgeshire and Surrounding Counties 


  • Your Initial Call to our Customer Service Team will allow us to take Information such as your Address and Contact Numbers for communication. Your Information will only be used for the purpose of the enquiry.

  • An Initial site Survey will be conducted by a Qualified and Trained Employee of Shelford Heating, to establish the basic fundamentals that will enable us to give you a sensible indication of the costs involved to complete the Installation, in some circumastances indicative costs or budgets may be given for areas of concerns or radiator changes that may be required. This Survey is a Free of Charge Service.

  • if you are happy with our initial assessment, the next stage is to proceed to a Full Technical Visit which will enable us to Confirm the Heat Pump output based on a Full Room by Room Heat Loss Calculation we complete using an Approved Heat Loss Programme, this will also identify shortcomings in regards to existing Radiators that may be required, which we can the confirm within our Quotation. this is not a free of Charge Service and the costs are included within our Quote, and are payable in any event.

  • You Express an Interest to proceed, a date is agreed and a Contract is Confirmed with a Deposit paid as outlined within the quote, All Deposits are Insurance Backed.

  • The Dates for Installation are met, the work commences and proceeds to Practical completion and the system is left to operate as per our Design and in line with Manufacturer Instructions. 

  • The Invoice for the works will be raised and Payment is made as per our terms and conditions. 

  • Certification of the Installation and Registration is completed along with warranty and Guarantees by our admin team, and along with all Required Paperwork and Instructions presented for your safe keeping.

  • We want all the System we Install to perform to the most efficient that they can, sometimes these set points need adjusting. On Products installed that allow – we can do this remotely using communication tools to talk to the Heat Pump. otherwise a site visit by one of our Technical Team will be required. and its all part of our process to ensure you get the best.

  • If you have Issues or need advise, just call our admin Team and one of our Technical Team will make a visit or talk with you. 


We are often asked to give a Cost without a site visit, this is not as easy as you think – A Heat Pump Installation will normally consist of the following

  1. Heat Pump sized to suit 100% of the Property at ambient of -3 (Cambridgeshire) this requires a Full room by Room Heat Loss Calculation being completed.

  2. Heat Pump specific Controls.

  3. Hot Water Cylinder for Heat Pumps, this is normally Unvented and sized based on size of House (3 Bed = 4 persons @50litres day) 

  4. Heating and Hot Water System Controls

  5. Suitable Base for the Heat Pump

  6. Specialist UV and Waterproof Insulation

  7. Colour Trunking for pipes on show

  8. Electrical Service from Consumer Unit to the Heat Pump

  9. All Heating and Plumbing Alterations between Heat Pump and Hot water Tank.

  10. Full Heating System Cleanse, and Filtration Installed along with Antifreeze/Biocide/Inhibitors.

  11. Upgrade of Radiators in size, to allow the lower flow temperatures to output the correct Heat. Normal Boilers operate at Temperature of 70-80 Degrees, a Heat Pump wants to be operating as low as possible and never above 55 – we aim for 45deg C to ensure efficiencies are obtained.

  12. Heat Pump Installation will range from 3/4 days, increasing for Radiator Changes to 5/6 days and will normally involve an Installation Team of Two, Plus the Electrician.

what else may be needed

  • Consumer unit Upgrade – this would be identified at the Technical Survey.
  • Larger radiators = Higher material Cost but lower running costs so its all about balance.

what should i expect the cost to be

  • almost all our Installation to date have included Major updates on radiators and we would expect this element alone to be circa £2000.00
  • Heat Pump 6KW to 17KW = £9000 – £13000.00 Minimal Changes rising to £11000-£15000 for Major upgrades 
  • Each Home is totally unique and individually priced like a shopping Basket.