Heating System Annual Service

We are first and foremost a Service Company that maintain Heating Appliances for many Private Homeowners in and around the Cambridgeshire and surrounding area, as well as various Commercial organisations such as Letting Agents, Commercial landlords, Schools and Colleges along with Business premises such as Offices and Warehouses. We can undertake Servicing of Oil, Gas, LPG, Biomass and Air Source Heat Pump systems. 

The Service of any Fossil Fuel Appliance is critical to ensure firstly that it is operating Safely, followed by ensuring Efficiency is maintained at its highest, but also a Maintained Appliance is less likely to breakdown causing inconvenience when you least expect.

A 12 monthly Service, which is the recommended period between visits, starts at £94.00 plus Parts Plus VAT for a Standard Gas Boiler, and will take about 1 hour 30 minutes to complete, all rates provided are based on fixed periods of time, with additional charges applied for each and every 15 minute interval thereafter.

We Also carry out Services on Gas Fires, Back Boilers, Wall Heaters, Cookers, Warm Air Systems, Solar Hot Water Systems, All Combination and Condensing Boilers, All Commercial Gas and Oil Boilers

Please call us to obtain a quote on your appliance.

If your Home is Rented, The Landlord has a Legal Responsibility to Ensure the Safe Operation of your Appliance


Boiler Servicing consists of:

  • Ventilation Check  
  • Chimney/Flue System Termination
  • Flue System Operation and Visual check
  • Safety Device Operational Check, Including recharge of Expansion Vessels
  • Burner Operation and Setup Inc Recalibration
  • Heat Exchanger Clean
  • Flush and Clean Condense System
  • Pipe Services Visual 
  • Gas / Oil Services Tightness Check (issues will be notified or immediately responded to and repaired or isolated – for which additional charged may be incurred)
  • Boiler Seals Check and Replaced
  • Combustion and Performance Check and Report 
  • Oil Fuel Tank Check and identification of issues, ensuring compliance with current best practice
  • Filter Element Replacements (15 Micron Elements)
  • Filter Units complete (additional charges for labour to install)
  • Fuel hose replacements every two years, or subject to condition
  • Replacement Fuel Nozzle

Any defective or suspect parts will be replaced as a minimum (if available in stock) 

All parts charged in addition to our Labour Charge


Service and Maintenance Plans from Shelford Heating Ltd

The ‘Boilerwise’ Scheme is Designed for Oil Fired Boilers and is a total maintenance plan that can be purchased not only to provide an Annual Boiler Service but also costs associated with any Breakdown Visits based on Level of cover.

There are three levels… Bronze, Silver and Gold that are also categorized into types of Boilers. A Boiler Service is a prerequisite to being included onto the Scheme for which a charge is made based on our rates in force at that time and is separate to the scheme, if accepted payment for the scheme must be received before the scheme commences and your repairs and annual service will be included for the next 12 months.

As a Guidance the following applies

  • Bronze Scheme is a Labour only type scheme designed for the Modern Boilers less likely to breakdown, and will cover the Annual Service followed by Repairs (labour) up to £400 Annually and payments start at £150.00 per Year
  • Silver Scheme is as above, but includes the parts required,
  • Gold Scheme is as Silver but includes the addition of Replacement Thermostatic Heads within the scheme.
  • Boilerwise Plus includes the Scheme Selected plus the Maintenance of Oil Tank and Distribution Supply as detailed below, and is new as of 1st June 2011

In all events there are exclusions to the scheme, and we will be happy to send out the full terms and conditions along with the costs involved.

We believe we have a Scheme that is both Competitive and Good Value for Money



Gaswise is a Scheme for Gas Boilers, based on 3 levels of Cover – Bronze, Silver and Gold and Includes an Annual Service as well as the Labour for Repairs up to a certain level, Silver and Gold includes the parts*

(*all details on our terms and condition can be requested)

We cover all types of Boiler whether they are Standard, Condensing, Combination and Includes for all Labour (level of cover dependant on Scheme) Bronze excludes all Parts fitted, Silver covers all parts within the Boiler Case Circulating Pump-Timeclocks-Thermostats (not RF) and Gold has the added advantage or Thermostatic Radiator sensor heads Cover.

We will be please to provide you with an accurate costing, please contact us.



Solarwise is a new Concept maintenance plan, for an application form please call us

Solarwise is a Maintenance and Repair plan for Solar Hot Water Systems, and is designed to offer peace of mind for a fixed cost. We have undertaken many repairs over the past twelve months, and unfortunately many of the issues associated with Solar Systems are poor Installation Practice, and a lack of Understanding the Client Requirements, too many times we find systems oversized, with Hot Water Cylinders undersized based on the Collector size – it is our aim to bring your system up to Current Good Practice. To guide you further the following Schedule will not only detail what it covers, but also give guidance in the event of System Failures. Solar Hot Water if Installed correctly and regularly maintained will give many years of trouble free operation,

We will Service the Solar System Annually based on the following, and will take approxiametly 2 hours to complete, plus consumable goods such as Solar fluid upto 5 Litres

  • Check Solar Fluid frost protection level
  • Check PH Value of Solar Fluid, Check System pressure Check Circulation Pump Function and Flow rate of Fluid
  • Remove Air from the System
  • Check Hot Water Temperatures and adjust if necessary
  • Check Expansion tank pressure charge and adjust refill Solar Fluid to correct levels
  • Visual inspection of Controller and Setting, adjust if necessary  
  • Visual Check of Solar Collector and Fixings
  • Check Pipe Insulation for Damage Check and tighten all joints if necessary

We have found that the most common problem associated with System Failure is incorrect system pressure being maintained, and or Loss of pressure through leak Poor Inhibitor and Antifreeze Levels, and Degradation of Fluid. We include to Top Up and Replace up to 5 Litres of Chemical and also Flush out the Old in Full if needed, the Chemical will be charge in addition but Labour is included in the Monthly/Yearly Charge System Expansion Vessel losing air cushion or being damaged by too much heat Badly Installed systems with no Safety Devices incorporated, and systems which can overheat and stagnate (turn to a gas such as Steam)Incorrect System temperatures set within the controller poor time control of the Boiler source providing hot water at times when no solar gain is present Our Maintenance plan covers for all the Labour Costs up to £400.00 per annum, an Annual Service as detailed above, along with any small amounts of Fluid, but unfortunately all parts will be invoiced separately, as we are finding this too much of a cost to fund, which is mainly down to being unable to get specialist original parts, and finding we have to replace with higher grade UK available components